control your boat lift from your phone

before you reach home

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3 Ways To Connect

Control your lift when WiFi not available at your dock or if Internet is down



Controls your lift through a direct connection between our device and your home WiFi

Controls your lift from anywhere in the world with cellular data


Your Existing Key FOB Remote Continue To Function

Easy Key Sharing

Easily share access keys with family, friends, & even Airbnb guests via QRCode or text message

Encrypted Security

256-Bit End to End Encryption

between the Lift Mate device & your smartphone. Keys are not stored in the cloud but on your smartphone.

Alerts & Notifications

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Get Notified When & Who Operates Your Lift. Our Activity Log Keeps A Running History Of All Events.

Live Audio / Video

Security Camera 3D Icon

Let our IP66 Rated 4MP Night Vision Video Camera With Motion Detection Protect Your Investment

App Supported

Mobile apps

Works with Apple & Android Devices

Widgets allow operation

without opening App

Multiple Lift Control

Jet Ski
Cabin Cruiser

Handle multiple lifts at multiple locations through the same App. Swipe horizontally between them and customize your App for each.

Access Rights Scheduling


Grant or revoke access easily from the app. Limit when users can operate your lift with duration based scheduling

About Us

“After moving to the Florida Keys and becoming an avid boater and amateur fisherman, I became frustrated when heading back to the dock after a long day on the water. Boat lifts are inherently slow and I found myself blocking the waterway for seemingly long durations waiting for my lift to come down. Add to that wind and currents, and sometimes these durations became a bit treacherous. I solved my problem with the Lift Mate device. Now I start my lift down while I’m entering the channel, and my lift is down by the time I’m at the house ready to pull the boat on.

My hope is others with the same issue can solve their problem with the Lift Mate device as well.”


Let Us Make Your Lift Smart

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Islamorada, Florida


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